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Hope for the future
Well, there you have it. A beautiful country. A people of unmatched hospitality who strives for purpose. What’s not to love? One simple fact: “seventy-seven”. About 70% only get to grade 7, and many don’t even have the exam to show for it. Only about 7% manage through college. Education is the unquestionable basis of a successful society. This is serious.

I know very well that the tax base of the Zambian economy is very low due to a majority of citizens with low income, but high priority on education is crucial to kickstart a prosperous society. And even small initiatives can have huge impacts.

I call upon the Zambian government and all the institutions that have a saying (i.e. REA, ZESCO, MEWD, iSchool) to continue their excellent work.

My own very humble suggestion of priority is the four L’s:

Life - requires water
Light - requires power
Learning - requires information
Living - requires mobility

If you have any doubt about what profound change a global internet connectivety for all will facilitate, watch this talk by MIT media lab founder Nicholas Negroponte.

See you in the future!
Jesper & Line



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