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In 1979 a young woman from Denmark decided to work with women in Mapanza village in Choma district Zambia. She brought her daughter with her, and this life would be like no other. In 1981 her son joined them.

The late Dixon was a young student at the Sct. Marks secondary school nearby their home, and he was a frequent visitor. A strong connection was made, as he brought life to the small house occupied by three "wazungu" (white people) from Denmark. Here he had a new channel in discussions about politics, womens liberation, education, technology and family. They all benifited from keeping their minds open. They became family.

Birgit Berggreen worked out of Danish Volunteer Service at the home crafts center Maurice Katowa just nearby. Her closest college and friend was Edinah, who still to this day lives nearby.

Appart from attending school at Chibwe (which is a story of its own, with beautiful photos from 1982 by Johannes Berggreen), Line and Jesper had a good life in and around Mapanza. The friendships made here, would turn out to last a lifetime. Line, Jesper and the late Dixon returned to this place 32 years later, and confirmed many warm relations.

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