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In 2014 Line and Jesper finaly managed to travel to Itezhi-Tezhi, to see the Sikabota Fig Tree Home with their own eyes. A link reinforced, at the very last moment.

Reunited. Finally.

For Jesper and Line to reunite with the late Dixon after 25 years, was not a trivial experience. All those years. No contact. Contact. Stories of hardship. And the fear that they might never see each other again. Little would they suspect that these where the final days of Dixons life.

To finally be there, sitting in the fig tree shade, was a great feeling for all three. They even managed to get to Mapanza, where none of them had set foot for more than three decades. But that's another story.

The book The Father of Andromeda has been out since 2010, and though many names where changed, it still made some people angry. Dixon struggled with that, but eventually he earned respect for his work.

And for the Danish family to finally meet Andromeda in person was amazing. Here he was. The lost son. It is not a dream. It is very real. He teaches daily at the Fig Tree School.

Make no mistake. This is not an easy place to live. Every day is a struggle to make money, get food, and stay healthy. When disaster strikes, it strikes hard. Dixon passing away, just makes it even harder.

But, the beauty of this place. The hospitality. The humility. The gratitude. The love. Abundant.

In memoraim

Dixon passed away on July 31st 2014, only three months after the visit. His family will remember him as a fighter. He lived against incredible odds, but his achievements in life are significant. It seems obvious that he died because he lost the fight against critical illness, but the uncanny truth of the matter is, he died much too early simply because he was poor. He has touched our hearts. He has formed our lives. In the name of his legacy we shall do our part to fight to the end of poverty.

He was - in Gods honest simplicity of the matter - a good man!

The last days of Dixons life:

July 13th 2014.
Dixon is very weak. He is unable to walk by himself, and has no appetite.

July 18th 2014.
Dixon is very ill. Can't move. Signs of hallucination. Contact by phone is virtually impossible. Andromeda and Kotutu are struggling to help him.

July 19th 2014.
Quite exceptionaly, doctors have been to see Dixon at home. He is now stabilized. Very weak, but fully conscious.

July 23rd 2014.
Dixon is recovering. Has started eating, and the voice is strong and happy again. This was another close call...

July 25th 2014.
Dixon is committed to the local clinic, and he is in very bad condition. He can hardly speak.

July 27th 2014
Dixon called from his hospital bed. Speaks one word for each breath. He is too weak to hear us. He is fighting.

July 28th 2014
Dixon stopped breathing and was completely lifeless for more than 15 minuttes. Medical staff had just given up hope, when he suddenly started breathing again.

July 29th 2014
Dixon is stable, and is even eating a bit.

July 30th 2014
Dixons condition is worsening.

July 31st 2014
Dixon has passed away. May his soul rest in peace.

August 2nd 2014
Dixons second son Kelvin and Kelvins mother Mavis has come from Kitwe to join Kotutu and Andromeda in escorting Dixon to his burrial at his family village Nalube outside of Mapanza. A journey of 150 km in about 6 hours.

August 3rd 2014
Dixon is burried in the village he was born. Andromeda writes:
"A greatest day today when we shall put my father to rest"

Crossing the Kafue river on April 30th 2014

From Dixons book "The Father of Andromeda"

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